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Professional Detailer 22 oz.  $14
bulletAdds a show-winning gloss and slickness
bulletBrightens paint, glass, chrome--safe on gold plating
bulletHides swirls, will not scratch or streak, even in direct sun
bulletAnti-Static, perfect for spot cleaning or Dry Washing to remove dust, bugs, oily fingerprints and more
bulletContains no wax, solvents or silicone - Recommended by world class body shops
bulletEnhances gloss and protection between Shine Master polishings
bulletShines cars, motorcycles, boats..even mirrors at home
Shine Master
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Polish & Breathable Sealant 16 oz.  $15.95
bulletEasy on - Easy off
bulletAwesome gloss
bulletNo streaks or smears
bulletNo free silicone or wax
bulletExcellent cleaning/tough poly acrylic protection
bulletSafe for fresh paint, clear coat and lexan
bulletUse as a wax replacement, swirl mark remover, or finishing (show) glaze by hand or machine
Finish Cut
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1 Step Compound 32 oz.  $19
bulletLevels 1200 Grit or finer sand scratches
bulletOne step buffing on most colors and clear coat, fresh or aged finishes
bulletBrightens dull finishes, removes scratches and heavy paint overspray
bulletNo wax, silicone or crystalline silica
bulletWater-based for easy clean up without staining, etching or dusting
bulletProtect with Shine Master (part no. 11033)
Turbo Cut™
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Time Release Compound 32 oz. $19
bulletFast cut on dead paint
bulletRemoves 1000 grit or finer sand scratches
bulletHigh gloss finishing on fresh or aged, single stage paint and clear coat
bulletNo wax, silicone or crystalline silica
bulletNon-greasy, water-based for easy clean up without staining
bulletFollow up with Finish Cut  or protect with Shine Master


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